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"The Equator Wonderful Combo is our 6th-generation single-unit washer/dryer––but with a unique new venting feature that allows consumers the option to make a choice," Atul Vir, the gathering's president, said as part of the announcement. "With the touch of a button, the user can now decide whether to vent. via www.dealerscope.com

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  • Dealerscope

    Equator Unveils New Wonderful Combo Washer/Dryer

    Dealerscope - 07/26/13

    Equator Advanced Appliances this week announced the advent of the Equator Super Combo, described by the company as a washer and dryer in one compact, portable unit with dual venting options. The effect is meant for places where traditional venting is 

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    For $499K: Hancock Unit Has Romp Studio, Alarming Bathroom

    Curbed Chicago - 08/22/13

    Living in the construction is tough, at least 2 elevators to your unit, no washer dryer (except I heard now some units will allow for stacked) lots of congestion nearly the building, parking is available only for rent, it can't be purchased, no assigned


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