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If you are revolted and down right tired of having to vacuum up messes constantly then you should look in to the new and more high tech world of robotic vacuum cleaners. One of the most superbly robot vacuums on the market is from a company called Neato Robtotics. via NZ People | Products | Action

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  • Silicon Valley Business Journal

    Neato Robotics raises $14M for its vacuum cleaning bots

    Silicon Valley Business Journal - 08/13/13

    Neato Robotics, a startup that competes with Roomba for instinctual vacuum cleaners, disclosed on Tuesday that it raised $14 million in new funding. The Newark company led by Chairman and CEO Giacomo Marini didn't say on the Securities and Exchange 

  • Schenectady Gazette

    Vacuuming is more than just a chore — it's an art

    Schenectady Gazette - 08/20/13

    Their top-end paragon has not one but two HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters. Moneual's Rydis robot cleaner has a lot of different cleaning modes, and an unmandatory microfiber mop attachment. Neato Robotics' XV Signature Pro creates a vertical


Overcome Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Neato Robotics It’s more than a dedicated vacuum. It’s a smart vacuum. How’s this for easy? Just place the Neato on the floor, press Start and off it goes. Your robot will ...

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