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The record of the Virginia Department of Public Utilities is intertwined with the history of the city itself. But also the history of the utility is intertwined with the innovations that occurred and take up to occur, beginning with the electric light and its application in. via

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    Virginia's Unrestricted Utilities

    Hometown Focus - 11/07/13

    The Virginia Galvanizing Power and Water Company, also in 1909, made arrangements with the Virginia and Rainy Lake Company to position steam for generating and heating purposes. This steam operated the turbines in the power plant. At this time two 

  • Jamestown Post Journal

    Restored Mechanism To Have Starring Role In Jamestown's Christmas Parade

    Jamestown Post Journal - 11/02/13

    "We are zealous to have a steam engine and caboose in the parade down Third Street this year in conjunction with the parade's "Snowball Explicit" theme," said Tiffani Conti of the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation, which is organizing the result. "These


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