Minky Homecare HH41200107V Plain Top Ironing Board

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Unfortunately, not having a disentangle laundry room doesn't equate to not having laundry; the Minky Homecare Table Top Ironing Board allows you to dress like a veteran at a moment's notice even if you don't have a full facility at your disposal. Ideal for apartments, condos, and utility rooms, this small ironing board doesn't cease features for convenience. This ironing board gives you the ability to be the well-dressed person you envision, without requiring an entire room true to it. Compact and fully collapsible, this board nevertheless comes with impressive features that help turn a tiresome chore into a abrupt, enjoyable part of getting ready. The sturdy yet lightweight construction allows for quick and easy set up and removal. And the rubber feet will overnight bag any surface surely without leaving scratches or marks behind. The retractable iron rest also allows you to set your iron down between garments without having to hassle about it getting in the way or accidentally damaging your table tops. About Minky Homecare With a history that stretches clear back to the mid-nineteenth century, Minky Homecare has the live and integrity to ensure that your housework is quick and easy. Part of Vale Mill, Minky Homecare is a family owned and run concern, which means personal care and commitment to developing the very best cleaning products on the market. From prepacked cleaning cloths to ironing boards, from air driers to household cleaners and organizers, Minky has been on the cycle edge of homecare for over half a century. As a result, they have grown into international markets and have even been granted a warrant by the British Queenlike Household. With Minky Homecare, housework is a pleasure and does itself when you don't want to. Ideal for smaller living spaces without a laundry allowance. Folds flat for easy, minimal storage. Extra wide surface ideal for larger items. Retractable iron indolence holds most standard irons.