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I'm just active to get it out of the way up front: This story is about a hair dryer that costs $300. Three hundred dollars is not cheap. (Because, no joke, it truly could be. ). Ahead of all, a little context on the creator of this dryer,. via

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  • Refinery29 Refinery29

    The $300 Hair Dryer That Just Might Be Usefulness It

    Refinery29 - 07/23/13

    His patron list includes the Olsens and Helena Christensen, plus his good buddy Gisele Bündchen. The man does hair all day, every day, working so much that he typically burns from top to bottom a blow dryer every month. (We're not talking cheapies, either — he

  • Global Grind Global Grind

    Customary Girl In A Humid World: A Hair-Changing Blow Job At NYC's “Blow ...

    Global Grind - 08/16/13

    Till to the blow, she applied an all over spritz of Heat Is On protective daily primer (below) to protect my tresses from the heat of the blow dryer, as I previously explained my concerns about undue heat damage to my curl shaft. blow pro heat


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