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I will let in it, I hate hair salons. I know, you’re ready to roll your eyes and hit the [x], but if you’d been through what I’ve been through, you’d be hiding from hair dyers too. (I earnestly hope you read that in Jay Z’s voice. Extra hot heat, super close to the hair follicle, and all-in-all too much. via

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    The $300 Hair's breadth Dryer That Just Might Be Worth It

    Refinery29 - 07/23/13

    His shopper list includes the Olsens and Helena Christensen, plus his good buddy Gisele Bündchen. The man does locks all day, every day, working so much that he typically burns through a blow dryer every month. (We're not talking cheapies, either — he

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    Unaffected Girl In A Humid World: A Hair-Changing Blow Job At NYC's “Blow ...

    Global Grind - 08/16/13

    Last to the blow, she applied an all over spritz of Heat Is On protective daily primer (below) to protect my tresses from the heat of the blow dryer, as I time past explained my concerns about excessive heat damage to my curl shaft. blow pro heat


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