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Why does it need my dryer 3 hours to dry a load of clothes. They are operational. I have seen different ways professionals clean dryer vent ductwork. Coit services used a shirt-pocket compressor to blow air into the vent the push out lint. There was a good amount that came out. But I have. via Recent Questions - Home Improvement Stack Exchange

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    Finn also talked about cleaning dryer vents. Did you be sure that Lint is a highly combustible material that can accumulate in the dryer and in the dryer vent. Accumulated lint leads to a reduced airflow and can stake a potential fire hazard. Finn says

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    Duct Cleaning Chicagoland is a specialist duct cleaning service located in the greater Chicago area. Duct Cleaning Chicagoland provides a numbers of different services for customers including duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, furnace cleaning, 


How to Clean a Dryer Vent | eHow The most mean cause of dryer fires is lint that builds up in the dryer vent. Lint is hugely combustible and can quickly burst into flames when there is not enough ...

How to Clean a Clothes Dryer Vent: 14 Steps - wikiHow How to Clean a Clothes Dryer Vent. If your dryer vent hasn't been cleaned in the times gone by year or two, it probably needs it. How do you clean it? Unplug the dryer from ...

How to Clean Dryer Vent? - Leave your vent and clean all the lint out after every load of wash. To deep clean the vent, remove it, squirt some dish soap on it, and run ti through in the

How to Clean a Dryer Vent Learn how to clean a dryer vent, what tools are employed for dryer vent cleaning, and how to keep it clean and efficient while preventing fires.