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Whirlpool told frustrated consumer after customer to leave the doors of their washing machines open when they weren’t in use and to switch cleaning products. The mold still wouldn’t go away. In 2007, the performers started selling a special cleaning product, called Affresh, which was supposed to solve the mold problem. The 6 Border said. via

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    The Covering of the Moldy Washing Machines

    The Slatest - 07/26/13

    Yet both Whirlpool and Sears continued to deliver up these washing machines, at the also astonishing number of 200,000 a year. (You might think customer reviews on the Internet would put a stop to this, but don't draw a blank all the people who buy goods in actual

  • Reuters

    US court restores consumers' request airing Whirlpool washers' laundry

    Reuters - 07/18/13

    Plaintiffs in the Whirlpool lawsuit had assumed that design flaws in the front-loading washing machines caused certain mold to develop and give off a musty odor. Whirlpool had argued against certifying a arrange action because there was too much


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