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A man's purse will tell you a lot about him. There are the almost Spartan-esque money clip owners, whose wallets are a vessel of efficacy and productivity. I would be the opposite of that. For those of you who have seen Seinfeld , I have what you would call a "Costanza Wallet. I occasionally do. via www.theuconnblog.com

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    On Away Games, and Fandom

    The UConn Blog (blog) - 08/27/13

    This dissolving, implausible piece of paper is a student ticket from when UConn played Michigan at the Big House in 2010. After nearly three years, a swim in the Davy Jones's locker off the Jersey Shore, and at least one run through a washer/dryer, this crumbled mass is

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    MIKE GIBBONS' MIKE'S Survival: Growing teenage girl adds bump to laundry routine

    Aiken Standard - 08/27/13

    I lave copious amounts of clothes and dry them, leaving them in a big pile by the dryer. At that When the big pile of clothes was waiting to be folded, I could do a simple pore over, Terminator-like, of the piece of clothing and determine which pile it


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