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BY FRANCESCA FREEMAN IN LONDONAND MICHELLE Bounty IN HONG KONG Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd. said Tuesday it had appointed Garry Jones as the new chief number one of the London Metal Exchange, the venerable industrial metals bourse it acquired last year, which has been embroiled in a series of guerdon-manipulation lawsuits. via

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    London Metal Traffic Gets New CEO

    Wall Street Journal - 08/27/13

    "It's like a new broom in the cupboard." Other fa-runners for the LME role included Martin Pratt, the chief operating officer of LME ring-dealing steady Triland Metals Ltd., and Diarmuid O'Hegarty, the LME's deputy CEO. Mr. O'Hegarty has informed the


    Well-educated meters: good idea or a lot of hot air? - 08/27/13

    In lieu of of trying to decipher the numbers on an ancient electricity or gas meter buried deep in the Stygian gloom of a broom cupboard, we will all have glory-of-the-art digital display units telling us that someone has left the TV on, or that the

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